Lies we have been taught since childhood


There are a few lies that you were being thought since childhood. A lot of people lied to you when you were a kid. This includes the society too. Your loved ones intentions were pure though although they gave you some advices that influenced you a lot while you were growing.

One of these advices is that you have to be yourself. This advice is quite common and it has been heard since the beginning to date. There are a few people that really need to adjust their behavior. Being yourself isn`t the right behavior that they need to show to society. There are a few people that are being born with some really great social skills.

On the other hand, there are also people that lack these skills and they need to learn more. These are usually insecure people. If you are insecure, you shouldn`t be thinking that you need to be yourself. There is room for impo0rvement and you should know this.

Another advice that was given to you is the fact that drugs are bad. You should always take responsible decisions when it comes to drugs. There are a lot of types of drugs. Alcohol and caffeine are also drugs. There are a lot of drugs that have positive and negative effects. A lot of legal drugs are the worst for you. Alcohol, cigarettes and prescription pills kill a lot of people. LSD can provide you with a life-changing experience. It will also reduce the rate of criminals going back to prison. Ecstasy will fill you with endorphins. Marijuana can turn out to be really addictive.

Other lie that we used to receive from out parents is related to being a gentleman. In theory, this advice is a great one, but they define being a gentleman as not thinking about sex. The shame that our religion or society tries to put in our brains when it comes to sex is a really bad thing and can affect us a lot. They try to demonize human sexuality. This is why a lot of people decide to stop flirting and show interest in women.

Our parents also tell us that we can be anything we want. This doesn`t mean you shouldn`t try, but for example if you are short, it will be hard to become the next NBA star. If the dream doesn`t work out, you will get some valuable lessons.