Commercials sexual on sites


I have been working in online for a long period of time. Maybe I'm not a senior, how do you recommend other guys who deal with online, but definitely I have some experience in this area. It all started from a play, but now the online-site means to me a way of life, but even a small business of which produce some cash with which ii save on my expenses in addition. I want to make an observation in this article, something I noticed in the last two years in online our website.

Maybe it's not a thing annoying for everyone, I mean the ads on all sites, advertisements with soft porn, some even with images from movies porno Romanian, but it is awkward to explain to a person who is not so learned in online website our why every time you appear such advertisements even if you don't look at porn on the internet.

I happened an accident of this kind with an aunt of mine. He was to visit me, and I was caught with a thing on the internet, I was doing research about a certain niche about which I was supposed to write an article, and the websites where you found information they had commercials like those described in the lines above. My aunt came into my room and he looked directly into my monitor, of course, the first time i have jumped in the eyes those ads and then the article that I was reading. It took some time to explain how it works with such advertisements and that I'm not interested in the "pills for increased penis" or any other parts related to the sexual life that appear in the ads on websites.

I don't mind when my ad appears discreet on a site I go to, but it bothers me when the tint of it is sexual, how can I get rid of such ads? Most often appear in newspapers, and on blogs very read that I wouldn't want to pull them out of the reader to my website because of the advertisements.